I was teaching a group ex (Muscle Madness) class yesterday when I noticed one of my regular participants looking a little woozy, pause for a moment and then jump right back into the workout.

I watched her for a bit, then asked her if she was okay. She responded, “Oh, it’s just a little morning sickness.” I congratulated her and talked to her after class to find out she is expecting a baby in August.

Wow. I love when people realize the importance of self-care and make it a priority. She got up, brought herself and her son to the Rec Center and took an entire class knowing she may have a bout of morning sickness.

Now, I do realize, not everyone is functional when they are not feeling well, but her desire to TRY is what inspired me. It was obvious she had a desire to do what makes her feel good while also setting an example for her 8-year old son (who also took my class).

I am inspired by this natural desire of “staying active” and “self-care” among expecting mothers since I’ve moved to Summit County. I taught a pre-natal fitness class last year and now I see all the new mom’s at the Nordic Center, Rec Center, coffee shops, playgroups and trails. How inspiring to see them getting after it with their wee ones!

These moms know the importance of self-care and LifeReplenishment without the guilt. To know that being your “best personal self” makes you a better parent, spouse, worker and friend is a key component in life satisfaction, joy and your life destiny. It is fun to share this inspiration and it’s a good thing I can keep up with these hard core mama’s!


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