Surge Capacity

Surge capacity in the hospital or health care system refers to the ability to evaluate and care for an increased volume of patients – one that challenges or exceeds normal operating capacity. 

Apply that to everyday life… we all have an amount of surge capacity to endure the challenges that get thrown our way. We draw on this capacity for short-term survival in acute stressful situations. Once our well-functioning systems or routines meet change, stressors, and uncertainty we adapt so we can deal. Throw in a global pandemic and that adds to an underlying influx and overwhelm to our everyday.

We move from thriving to merely surviving. Or maybe you were already in survival mode before the pandemic even began. So how is your resilience, your ability to bounce back, doing right now? What about your hardiness, your ability to bounce back… and be even better? 

Pause. Take a deep breath. Do a self-check. Are you thriving? Or are you surviving?

If you are just hanging in there and surviving versus thriving right now, chances are that your surge capacity is depleted. Don’t underestimate the effects that our current state of affairs (COVID-19, wildfires, hurricanes, politics, hybrid/remote school, etc.) is having on your mental health. It’s important to recognize and get real with the ups, downs, and uncertainty in which we are living. Be sure you are integrating physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual self-care. 

Feeling stuck? Try this morning POWER HOUR…


Ritual: Start your day with coffee, tea, meditation or prayer (5-10 minutes)

Intention: Set a goal for the day, write it in a journal, your planner, or a post-it (5 minutes)

Positive Input: Listen to a podcast, find an inspiring quote, listen to music (15 minutes)

Workout: Crush an online workout, walk the dog, bike, do intervals (30 minutes)

Reflect: Breathe, meditate, journal, note how you feel (5-10 minutes)

THEN… get ready for the day!

Start where you are. If starting a morning routine is new for you, commit to trying this once a week. If you sort of have a morning routine, try doing this 2-3 times a week. If you are a routine and habit type person, try this 5-7 days a week. I’d love to hear how POWER HOURS help refuel your surge capacity and inspire your journey.

Want Accountability?

RSVP below with your commitment to POWER HOUR and
I’ll send you a few accountability emails to check in.

Surge Capacity was inspired from Brene Brown’s “Unlocking Us” podcast
and ‘Your Surge Capacity is Depleted’ by Tara Haelle.


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