1:1 Coaching

Emotional Intelligence for Personal and Professional Growth

I meet with individuals to help them grow in EQ so that they can lead their lives and their teams well.

Through our assessment, I provide you with a picture of how you operate emotionally, your areas of strength and potential areas for development.

We talk through a plan on how to grow in your EQ. There are many ways to develop your EQ competencies, and working with a coach will help you leverage your strengths and balance your skills.

After your online assessment, we schedule a 1:1 debrief with an option of additional coaching sessions.

LifePlan for Clarity of Purpose, Mission, and Vision

LifePlan™ is a facilitated journey that helps you discover your unique purpose. Along the way, you’ll gain clarity on where you are, where you want to be, and the key next steps to get there.

It is charted pathway leading toward your focused life purpose with detailed, measurable action plans to help you begin to fulfill this mission.  

We schedule a 2-day intensive or a series of 6 sessions to walk this journey together effectively. The 6 sessions are customized to your LifePlan objectives and a sample looks like:

  • What Is My Why? Discovering Dreams and Purpose
  • What Refuels Me? The Art of Self-Care
  • What Are My Core Values? Defining intrinsic motivators
  • What Are My Strengths? The Thinking Wavelength Module
  • What Is My Purpose – Mission – Vision?
  • LifePerspective Filter